Fu Manchu to the Netherlands!

Schley Brothers by Ron Petro

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Come out to play

EBI Premiere

Today Jesse, Patrick and Sander went to Brussel to watch the new dvd which the EBI Crew had made about the history of VW Gassers. It was really cool to see how the Inch Pincher on the split window gasser tramp was driving to the dragstrip, and also to watch the whole story of Lightning Bug and other gassers.
Thanks guys for the invitation, and BIG thumbs up for making this DVD.

There is a pré sale at http://www.europeanbugin.com/EBugIn.php?s=3&c=sh&lang=EN

Our forum is back online!

Happy posting 🙂

Diederick’s Engine Build

Das Drag Day #8

Below you can find the video of Martijn racing Jesse at Das Drag Day #8.


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