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Workin’ on the ’64

Took the other fender off and almost everything from the engine. Will get it out this week and start taking the engine apart in the weekend.

Oval window

Our clubmember Dirk is currently workin’ on his oval window beetle. Should turn out to be a real nice old school cal-looker. Chassis painted Original front beam with adjusters

Jesse’s ’64

Jesse started working on his beetle yesterday. Engine will be updated from 1915cc to 2175cc by using a DPR 78.4mm crank. A new set of Steve Tims Stage 2 Plus heads (42×37 welded) will be used. Removing the fenders to make a removable rear valence.

The Lightning Bug Dragster

EBI #4


Clubstand @ KWF

Visit us at the 19th Kever Winter Festijn

Visut us at the KWF!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year cal-lookers! let’s burn some rubber, set great times, have fun! đŸ™‚

Great period video