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The Muscle Beetle Story DVD!!

After months of hard work, Mike, Fred and Kobus completed the Muscle Beetle Story DVD! They did an awesome job composing this DVD, which was revealed to a small group of fans in December of last year, but now it’s released to the public. Thank you for the time and effort that went into making …

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Making the 1776 ready for 2011

Making the 1776cc ready for the new season! All parts lasted season 2010 without minimal scraping, so new updates! “The smaller the room, the bigger the bang” 😉

Dirk’s Oval Window

Dirk finished work on the chassis and began working on the body! His son Luke all proud! The body:


Wich one would you take for a run??

Gary ‘Shubee’ Shubrook

Our sympathies go out to Gary Shubrook’s family. We are very sorry for their loss. Gary was a great enthusiast and a great source of knowledge on all things Old-School VW. May he rest and/or race in peace!

You’ve got mail!

Today a big box all the way from California was deliverd in the Netherlands. Gene Berg has it all! In it were some nice parts for a few Dutch Cal-look fans! Linkages, pulley, shifter, side covers and off course Zotz!! Damn those are delicious!

Taking the 1915cc apart!

Took the engine apart today.


Jesse took the 1915cc out yesterday.  Ready to split the case and bring it to John of for some mods.


This will need some welding :). Also these are not the correct bumper brackets for Jesse’s car so he will change them to the correct ’64 ones.