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’59 Patrick/DVK


Jeroen’s 12.1sec streetcar!

Jesse’s ’64 is back from the painter

Check out the forum for more pics!

Training Day

This weekend was a general training day for DDD 2011 @ Bitburg, some cool gassers showed up! Kid’s top fuel style moped engine powered. 8-14yrs old. They went 110km/h in these! Udo Becker See you @ DFL402 or DDD!

DFL402 Cal-look Trophy

911 blog

Just check this cool blog

7th DVK Cruisenight

We invite everyone to join our cruisenight on 21 May 2011! See you there!

Heads 044 done!

CB044 heads done, intake’s bigger, exhaust ports matching, next to do CR to 10.5

1776cc Cleaning

Martijn/DVK Cleaning off the season  2010, welcome 2011!

Hail to the Sandman!

Jesse is working late night shifts to get his ’64 ready for paint.