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Visit us at the KWF, Rosmalen!

Triple K

Jesse putting together the 2176cc

So tomorrow I will start building my 2176cc. Be sure to check my topic on our forum also!

Dynoday @ HR Engineering

Today there was a dynoday @ HR Engineering Doesburg and some of us put some horses on the dyno! I’m please with my result, 124horses and 161nm torque from a 1776cc

It’s weekend!!

#1 VW Airborne Meeting 2 Oct.

This promis to be a nice meeting, so get your aircooled VW for a easy drive to Soesterberg. See you there!

Got IDA’s??

CSP Ghia and Skinne @ SCC2011

A small group of the DVK visited the SCC event 2011 @ Gardemoen Oslo. 2 of the most extraordinary cars in the world next to eachoter! the CSP Ghia and the Skinne beetle rumbling the tarmac! CSP and Skinne at SCC 2011

EBI #4 Best of Show 67> Beetle

Der Vollgas Kreuzers proudly present to you: European Bug-in #4’s Best of Show late model beetle. Dirk Pronk’s 14 second Street ‘n Strip ’69 Cal-look. And a proud father and son picture followed:

Diederick/DVK 1915cc running!

Diederick’s engine 1915cc made it’s first rpm’s! Diederick’s 1915cc running! Youtube: DiederickDVK 1915cc engine