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The Der Vollgas Kreuzers is a Dutch cal-look club open to all beetle 1200, 1300 and 1500 models, Karmann Ghia’s and Type 3’s that are built in the traditional California look.

Quality – The car’s overal quality is at an high level, inside, outside and under the decklid.

Paint – The colour of the car should be an orginal colour from Volkswagen or Porsche from the 60’s and 70’s. The car should have a tastefull, and flawless one-colour paintjob.

Stance – The front of the car should be lowered, the rear height should remain stock.

Wheels – The wheels should be period-correct wheels from the 60’s and 70’s. The stud pattern should be from Volkswagen or Porsche. High quality reproductions are allowed. No fully polished wheels.

Tyres – The tyres should fit under the stock fenders, at the rear wide tyres with a high profile are mandatory.

Engine – The car must be capable of running the 1/4 mile in 16.999 seconds or less. Also the engine bay should have a high level of detailing.

Body changes – With the exception of of top-chops, dechroming, one-piece windows and dash alternatives (none of these being mandatory), body modifications are not allowed.

Accessories – The number of accessories should be kept at a minimum. Only performance related accessories (gauges etc.) are allowed. No roofracks, chrome pieces etc.

Every new member is invited by the club after having been accepted by 100% of the other members.

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