Mar 06


We brought some new life back into our site. We will be updating this the coming days.

Sep 16

DVK Cruise and BBQ


Feb 25

Cruise to Ninove

Sep 10

New well known race car for Jeroen

Aug 05

Chris his 1679cc Old Speed engine

Today I (Jesse) started working on the new engine for my clubmate Chris. Last year he started saving cool parts for a nice 1679cc engine. Cam will be a Engle VZ-15 which should make it a bit of a screamer.

Setting valvetrain geometry and putting in the valves and springs (Gene Berg)


Apr 17

Rusty Gold Swap+Meet

Not California Look but isn’t a Cafe Racer similar to the California Look?? Taking a stock bike and modify it to handle and look better. Sunday 6th of May a swap + meet will take place in Amsterdam.

Mar 12

Jesse @ Dyno

Saturday Jesse went to the dyno of HR Engineering in Doesburg, the Netherlands to have his new engine jetted. The result: 187.9 hp and 231nm of torque. Perfect!

Feb 18

Cruise to Ninove

Jan 29

Addie’s engine

Yesterday we worked on Addie’s 1955cc engine. Dropped in the 76mm DPR crankshaft with CB H-Beams. Cam is an Engle W125 with straight cuts


Longblock, heads are Jeff Denhams and should produce a nice amount of power!

Jan 13

DVK Stand @ KWF2012 Rosmalen NL

First event of 2012! We had a nice DVK booth at the KWF 2012 event! Great display, drag Tree and some gasser dvd’s. Should become a great new racing season!

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