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Type 111
VW1200 ‘Standard’
L633 VW Blue

Stock body
Shaved front fenders
Blacked-out lights and handles
12v electronics

Stock swingaxle floorpan
Adjustable front axle
Dropped spindels
Kerscher tuning disc brakes up front
Hurst line lock

Flat4 Fuchs, front end 4.5″ with 135R15 Toyo, rear end 5.5″ with F60-15 Firestone Wide Ovals, with 215/65R15 M&H semi-slicks for racing.

Stock seats
Empi GT steering wheel
BERG 5 shifter
Autometer ‘Monster’ tachometer / oil pressure / oil temperature gauges
Simpson seatbelts

Gene Berg 5-speed gearbox

1955cc  / AS41 case / 76mm crankshaft / 90.5mm Mahle pistons and barrels / Scat C-25 camshaft / Straight cut gears / VW 043 heads, Steve Timms stage 1, with 40mm inlet valves and 35mm outlet valves / Weber 48 IDA carbs on match ported CB Big Beef manifolds / Gene Berg linkage / MSD ignition / Gene Berg 26mm oil pump / JayCee Filter Bracket / JayCee Billet oil manifold / JayCee Billet filter / Gene Berg equalizer crankshaft pulley / Traction bar

Best ET: 12,8 seconds @ Das Drag Day #7 (2387cc engine)

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