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Jan 13

DVK Stand @ KWF2012 Rosmalen NL

First event of 2012! We had a nice DVK booth at the KWF 2012 event! Great display, drag Tree and some gasser dvd’s. Should become a great new racing season!

Nov 26

Dynoday @ HR Engineering

Today there was a dynoday @ HR Engineering Doesburg and some of us put some horses on the dyno! I’m please with my result, 124horses and 161nm torque from a 1776cc

Aug 23

CSP Ghia and Skinne @ SCC2011

A small group of the DVK visited the SCC event 2011 @ Gardemoen Oslo. 2 of the most extraordinary cars in the world next to eachoter! the CSP Ghia and the Skinne beetle rumbling the tarmac! CSP and Skinne at SCC 2011

Jun 07


Jeroen’s 12.1sec streetcar!

Dec 12

EBI Premiere

Today Jesse, Patrick and Sander went to Brussel to watch the new dvd which the EBI Crew had made about the history of VW Gassers. It was really cool to see how the Inch Pincher on the split window gasser tramp was driving to the dragstrip, and also to watch the whole story of Lightning …

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Dec 07

Das Drag Day #8

Below you can find the video of Martijn racing Jesse at Das Drag Day #8.